Electronic Security Equipment Market in India

Release Date: 11-Dec-2012

The market for electronic security equipment in India largely untapped and under-served and there is a need for greater awareness and education about the need for security and the different products and their benefits. While this may make the task of the market players slightly difficult they stand to benefit from the opening up of the market into new user segments. This will only add to the fast growing market and vendors will need to find the right solutions, technology, market niche and price points to be able to make an impact in the electronic security.

The growth in the market has come about with the growing awareness among different end user segments. The Indian security market is witnessing immense growth from sectors such as city surveillance, public transport, hospitality, airport security, BFSI, retail, BPO, manufacturing, college campuses, infrastructure companies and education. The government, in general, is the biggest segment in terms of volume demand. PSUs are also a vertical with significant demand. The private sector, enterprises as well as SMBs, shows potential although their demand is dwarfed by that of the government sector. We can get an idea of this by examining some of the main market segments for security solutions.

Research report on Security Equipment Market in India by KuicK Research gives comprehensive insight on following aspect:

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Report Table of Contents


1. India Electronic Security Equipment Market Overview

  1.1 Overview

  1.2 Growth of Organized Security Market

  1.3 Rising Security Needs Awareness across End User

  1.4 Factors Driving the Market


2. Electronic Security Equipment Distribution Channel

  2.1 Channel Structure

  2.2 Trends and Practices in Channel Structure

    2.2.1 Direct Vs Indirect

    2.2.2 Regional or National Distribution

  2.3 Distribution Channels Future Scenario


3. Electronic Security Equipment Market By Product

  3.1 Access Control

  3.2 Surveillance Systems

  3.3 Alarm Systems

  3.4 Others: Detector & X-Ray


4. Market Opportunity By End User

  4.1 Government

  4.2 Industrial

  4.3 Commercial

  4.4 Educational

  4.5 Residential

  4.6 Customization & End user Segments


5. Electronic Security Market Future Outlook

  5.1 Market Growth Trend

  5.1 Emergence of IP Surveillance & Storage

  5.2 Transition to Cloud Based Surveillance System

  5.3 Challenges to be Resolved


6. Competitive Landscape

  6.1 Bartronics India Ltd

  6.2 CMC Ltd

  6.3 Zicom

  6.4 Vicon

  6.5 Verint

  6.6 Honeywell

  6.7 Axis Communication

  6.8 Micro Technologies I Ltd

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