Diesel Engines To Fuel Indian Automobile Industry Growth Story

Release Date: 29-Aug-2012

Diesel cars will play an inevitable role in the Indian automobile industry future growth trajectory as per recent research study by KuicK Research. Consumers are preferring diesel cars over petrol ones due to sharp increase in petrol prices in recent years.  The demand for diesel cars will be dominated by the new buyers along with the replacement demand from existing petrol car owners. Car buyers are willing to shell out extra cost for diesel cars as they find running cost to compensate the incremental cost incurred in buying the diesel variant. Most of the automobile companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Nissan, Mahindra and others have launched diesel variants across various segments in view of phenomenal growth in the demand of diesel cars in last four to five years.

A survey done by KuicK Research across 15 cities in India revealed the car owners behavior like pricing, features, preferred brand & segment when it comes to buying the diesel cars.

Excerpts from research study on diesel cars are mentioned below:


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