Controlled Drug Release Market To Grow Exponentially

Release Date: 03-Sep-2014

“Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market & Pipeline Insight” Report Highlights:

The popularity and usage of controlled drug release system has increased by many folds in the recent past owing to various advantages offered by this system which include reduced delivery times, thus improving patient compliance rate, improved levels of clinical efficacy to reduce the side effects and  increase bioavailability. Additionally, this system has become significant because it has been proved that the molding technology used in the controlled delivery of drugs also considers the biological, physical chemistry and mechanics of content.

Additionally, it has been observed that the aspects regarding the pharmacology and clinical efficiency coupled with the advantages offered by the controlled release of pharmaceutical formulations could possible lead to significant economic benefits. These benefits could be in the field of intellectual property, brand differentiation and promotion. Also, with the increasing trend of transferring the technology to other companies could also possibly yield large profits margins for the companies investing in this area.

The pharma companies, in recent years, have identified many advantages which are offered by the controlled drug delivery technology, which is a major driver of this market and reflects the growing need for this technology. It is because of these advantages that both the patients and the physicians are striving to use more of these systems to transport drugs and deliver them to the exact target tissue so as to improvise on the treatment methods of diseases.


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