China To Consume More Than 370 Bcm of Natural Gas by 2020

Release Date: 01-Nov-2012

The natural gas consumption in China is anticipated to surpass 370 Billion Cubic Meters by 2020 from 130 Billion cubic Meters in 2011. It has been seen that the consumption of natural gas in the past decade has grown by an average of more than 15% annually from 2000 to 2010. During 2010, the consumption of natural gas increased to 100 Billion Cubic Meters making a total of 107 Billion Cubic Meters which further increased to 130 Billion Cubic Meters in 2011.

The domestic production of natural gas will not be able to suffice the exponential growth in the domestic gas consumption and hence China will continue to rely on Pipeline Gas/LNG imports in future also.

Upcoming research study by KuicK Research gives comprehensive details on multidimensional aspect related to gas market in China. Report discusses following aspects related to gas market in China:


Table of Contents


1. Emergence of Natural Gas in China Energy Mix


2. China Natural Gas Market Overview

  2.1 Conventional & Unconventional Reserves

  2.2 Production

  2.3 Consumption


3. LNG Imports by Country


4. Factors Driving the LNG Imports

  4.1 Transition from Coal to Gas Power Projects

  4.2 Gas Driven Vehicle

  4.3 Energy Security

  4.4 Economic Growth

  4.5 Gas Pricing


5. Future LNG Demand Analysis

  5.1 LNG Imports

  5.2 Long & Medium Term Contract


6. Emerging Market Trend

  6.1 International Pipeline Supply to Outpace LNG Imports

  6.2 China & Singapore to Invest in US LNG Facility

  6.3 Gas Reforms Spark Investment Boom

  6.4 Construction of Clean Gas Project

  6.5 Overseas oil & Gas Investment at USD 72 Billion


7. Natural Gas Pipeline Network

  7.1 International Pipeline Network

    7.1.1 Myanmar – China Pipeline

    7.1.2 Turkmenistan – China Pipeline

  7.2 Domestic Pipeline Network

    7.2.1 Shaan–Jing Pipeline

    7.2.2 West–East Gas Pipeline

    7.2.3 Sichuan–Shanghai Pipeline

    7.2.4 Zhongxian–Wuhan Pipeline


8. Operating LNG Regasification Terminals

  8 .1 Dalian LNG Terminal

  8.2 Guangdong   LNG Terminal

  8.3 Fujian LNG Terminal

  8.4 Jiangsu LNG Terminal

  8.5 Shanghai LNG Terminal


9. Planned & Under Constriction LNG Terminals

  9.1 Yancheng LNG Terminal

  9.2 Jieyang LNG Terminal

  9.3 Guangxi LNG Terminal

  9.4 Qingdao LNG Terminal

  9.5 Zhejiang LNG Terminal

  9.6 Zhuhai LNG Terminal

  9.7 Hainan LNG Terminal

  9.8Tangshan LNG Terminal

  9.9 Shenzhen LNG Terminal

10. Competitive Landscape

  10.1 China National Petroleum Corporation

  10.2 China National Offshore Oil Corporation

  10.3 Sinopec

  10.4 PetroChina Company Limited


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