China Second Shale Gas Block Auction Results

Release Date: 25-Jan-2013

16 Chinese firms (14 state-owned enterprises and two private firms) won the license for exploration and production of shale gas in China during second round of auction. These firms will invest more than US$ 2 Billion over next three years under the supervision of Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR). 

Successful Bidders:

Shale Block

Successful Bidder

Suiyang, Guizhou

Huadian Coal Mining Group

Fenggang No.1, Guizhou

China Coal Geology Engineering Co.

Fenggang No.2, Guizhou

Haying Shanxi Energy Investment Co.

Fenggang No.3, Guizhou

Beijing Taitan Tongyuan Natural Gas Tech Co.

Cengong, Guizhou

Tongren Energy Investment Co.

Qianjiang, Chongqin

Chongqing Energy Investment Co.

Youyang, Chongqin

Chongqing Mining Resources Development Co.

Chengkou, Chongqin

State Development & Investment Co.

Longshan, Hunan

Hunan Huacheng Energy Investment Co.

Baojing, Hunan

Shenhua Geological Exploration Co.

Huayuan, Hunan

China Huadian Engineering Corp.

Sangzhi, Hunan

China Coal Geology Engineering Co.

Yongshun, Hunan

Hunan Natural Gas Development Co.

Laifen, Hubei

Huadian Hubei Power Co.

Hefeng, Hubei

Huadian Hubei Power Co.

Xiuwu, Jiangxi

Jiangxi Natural Gas Co.

Lin'an, Zhejiang

Anhui Energy Group

Wenxia, Henan

Henan Yukuang Geological Exploration Co.

Zhongmou, Henan

Henan Yukuang Geological Exploration Co.


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