Cancer Remains The Key Targeted Condition For Gene Therapies

Release Date: 22-Apr-2014

There have been significant advancements in the area of gene therapy in terms of research of new drugs. Over the past 20 years, the gene therapy market has witnessed significant advances ranging from the stage of conception, to the current stage of clinical trials for various disease conditions. When compared to other conventional methods such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, gene therapy enjoys a clear advantage mainly because this therapy does not inhibit the immune system. It is believed by the pharma industry that gene therapy offers great potential for treating cancer and research is currently underway in full swing. However, due to the failures associated with gene therapies across the globe, coupled with strict regulatory framework and no single drug being approved till now in major markets like US and Europe, there is certainly a large window of opportunity for the pharma companies in the global gene therapy market.

The market for gene therapy is currently in the experimental stages. There has not been any success as yet in developing completely curative therapeutic drugs. There is only one drug of gene therapy which has been approved till date. Gendicine, which is developed by Shenzhen SiBiono Gene Technologies Co., is currently marketed only in China. The growth of this market greatly depends on the regulatory approval of products which are currently in clinical trials. A major part of the gene therapy products for cancer and cardiovascular diseases are currently in Phase II and Phase III of clinical trials. Other factors impacting the gene therapy market are the cost of the treatment and the disease population under study. Additionally, funding and developments in research coupled with acceptance of gene therapy products to use in medicine are also expected to impact the market in the near future. 


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