Cancer Immunotherapy To Supersede Traditional Treatment Methods

Release Date: 02-Sep-2014

“Cancer Immunotherapy Market & Clinical Pipeline Insight” Report Highlights:


The traditional methods in treating cancer include radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. All these methods are based on destroying the cancer cells either by burning them through radiation, poisoning them through chemotherapy or by removing them by surgery. Though these treatment options have been successful in effectively killing or removing the cancer cells, their use has been limited to a great extent because of the major side effect that a large number of healthy cells are also destroyed. This generally results in high morbidity and/or disfigurement of the patients. On some cases, these treatments could also possibly lead to the death of the patient.

Till date, there is no single best treatment for treating cancer. Instead, it is currently believed that only a combination of different therapies which have varied mechanisms of action could be the best choice for controlling or destroying the cancer cells. In this regard, immunotherapy has recently been identified as a better efficient solution to cancer therapy. It has been observed that immunotherapies have the potential to be used as a major weapon in fighting cancer either through an application of an external stimulus to the immune system so as to make it more powerful, or by providing the immune system with man-made or naturally-derived tumor specific proteins which are made outside the human body, with an objective that the immune system could recognize the tumor as a foreign entity and destroy it.

It has been observed that the conventional chemotherapy and other drugs used for treating cancer generally tend to have a powerful effect in reducing the tumors in terms of size. However, their major disadvantage is that the effect of these methods is short-lived. Also, there are many strong side effects which are associated with these therapies. On the contrary, the impact of immunotherapy is likely to last much longer mainly because this therapy successfully resets the entire immune system and also enables it to continuously fight the cancer cells. Thus, immunotherapy for cancer has been identified as having the potential to transform a large share of cancers into a situation similar to a chronic disease.


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