Cancer Immunotherapy Market To Surpass USD 24 Billion by 2020

Release Date: 14-Aug-2014

Cancer immunotherapy, in recent years has become one of the most sought after treatment options for cancer. The major reason for this rising popularity is the dependence of this method on biological molecules which occur naturally and are used to enhance the immune system. This factor has made cancer immunotherapy the most natural and patient friendly when compared to all the scientifically validated methods for treating cancer. In some cases, immunotherapy is alone used to treat cancer, while in some other cases it is used in combination with traditional treatments in order to enhance their effects. A major benefit of using this method and also for the rising popularity is that immunotherapy promises to be less toxic in nature than radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.  Additionally, in most cases, immunotherapy is capable of offering a different mode of attack on the tumor. This allows both the patients and doctors to be more confident of the results of the treatment with minimal side effects.


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There are several advantages which are offered by immunotherapy in the treatment of some types of cancers as compared to traditional chemotherapies and molecularly targeted agents. Generally, the targeted therapies tend to depend mostly on the oncogenic dependency of the cell on specific pathways. However, it is possible that in some cases, these cells could activate compensatory signaling to make them resistant to these therapies. Thus, studies are being conducted to combine multiple receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors to prevent this emergence of resistance. However, with the use of such combinations, there is a high risk of rising toxicities also, which could possibly limit their feasibility. On the contrary, immunotherapy has the capability to target and eradicate micrometastatic disease which is dependent mainly on the protein expression of the tumor cells. Thus, it becomes challenging for the individual cells to overcome a potent immune response. Additionally, the extra toxicity which is associated with combinations of multiple tyrosine kinase inhibitors is eradicated completely. Also, additional epitopes could be easily included in cancer vaccines so as to reduce the chance of immune evasion.

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