Brazil Medical Device Import to Surpass USD 9 Billion by 2018

Release Date: 27-Jun-2013

Brazil medical device market is more import dependent as local manufactures are unable to meet the increasing demand and lack of quality standard as compare to global players. Brazil imported more than US$ 4 Billion worth of medical equipment in 2012 as compare to US$ 2.7 Billion in 2008. Imports will continue to dominate the medical device industry landscape in future as demand for imported medical devices is expected to surpass US$ 9 Billion by 2018.

Brazil’s medical devices and equipment market is huge, spanning across various segments that vary from bandages to X-ray machines to drug eluting stents. The market is covered by small, medium sized domestic players as well as large multinationals which have manufacturing units located within the country. However Brazil has always been dependent on international supplies to meet needs of its highly sophisticated and extricate medical devices.

The imports are usually driven by the private sector since in the public and government setup, bids are initiated for project allotments and usually given to local well established players. The main items that are imported are high unit value products such as imaging systems, as well as catheters, pacemakers, diagnostic reagents, and other high volume, lower priced items and imports usually comprise of 60%-70% of the total medical devices market.


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