Brazil Electricity Consumption To Surpass 500 TWh by 2016

Release Date: 19-Jul-2012

The consumption of electricity in Brazil has witnessed an upward trend in recent years due to positive economic growth and rising consumer class. This increase in energy consumption has outstripped economic growth, largely because of the population increase as there are more than two Million new consumers a year. This emerging economy with a population of more than 190 Million has lower per capita energy consumption as compare to  the industrialized world.

As per research report “Brazil Power Sector Outlook 2016” finding, demand for electricity in the commercial sector grew by 6.3% followed by residential sector at 4.6% during 2011. The increase in the number of commercial sector consumers and the opening of new malls and stores led to the high growth in the consumption of the commercial sector as compared to other sectors in the consumption matrix. At the same time the residential and the industrial sector saw a growth of 4.6% and 2.3% respectively. Other segments like rural, government and infrastructure, witnessed a combined growth of 2.4% during 2011. 

The Brazilian power consumption is, indeed, growing per year, indicating the fast pace of population growth and development that has affected an overall growth of the country, bringing it in the league of the world’s fastest growing nations. The non-intermittent growth in consumption of power, points towards the intense wave of development that Brazil is undergoing right now. The opportunities in the power sector are galore, with the reforms coming in at just the right time to tackle the increasing consumption and the growing demand of power in Brazil.

The research report “Brazil Power Sector Outlook 2016” by KuicK Research takes a look at the regulations in place, the structure of production and distribution in the country, competitive landscape and the future scenario. It is a comprehensive text based on the facts extensively laying down the factors responsible for Brazil’s foray into the world’s power map. It also gives a broad view of the exploitation of sources used for power generation, primarily water, giving an insight into the power sector’s reliability and sustainability. It is an inclusive report on how has Brazil been able to transform itself with all the regulations perfectly falling in place, bringing it to the center of the world’s power landscape.

For more information visit “Brazil Power Sector Outlook 2016”.

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