Antibodies Emerging As Viable Treatment for Cancers

Release Date: 05-Aug-2014

“Antibody Drug Conjugate Market Opportunity Analysis” Report Highlights:

There is an advantage in using ADCs over chemotherapy because of the very design of these ADCs. They have been designed in such a way that they have the potential to kill the cell activities of small molecules and the pharmacokinetic and biodistribution properties of monoclonal antibodies. The ADCs help in enhancing the antibodies by chemically conjugating a cytotoxic payload which could be delivered and released at the tumor while simultaneously limiting the systemic exposure to the cytotoxic agent.  

The traditional treatment of chemotherapy involves the use of small molecules which have the capability to destroy or kill the dividing cells. This is generally achieved through antimitotic or DNA-damaging mechanisms. However, a major disadvantage of this treatment method is that the controlled administration of these drugs, in most cases, results in damaging of the healthy tissues also in the human body. Thus the patient undergoing chemotherapy, suffers from a major loss of overall immunity, which poses other significant issues. Balancing these two activities (i.e. killing the tumor cells and simultaneously leaving the healthy tissues untouched) has not been successful and has led to a lack of efficiency and tolerability of single-agent chemotherapy.


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