PCLX-001 to Help Researchers to Reduce the Growth of Cancer Cells in Blood Cancer

Release Date: 28-Nov-2020

The development of cancer cells in the human body is largely dependent on different unique signalling pathways. A novel study focuses towards development of a novel drug compound that is effective against blood cancers by targeting a signalling that is called as B -cell signalling. The novel compound developed by the researchers is called as PCLX-001, which has resulted in significant reduction in the size of the tumor when tested in mouse model. The novel drug compound has resulted in the clearing out of lymphoma. The researchers involved in the respective study are focused towards conducting phase 1 clinical trial of the same drug against lymphoma, colon cancer, breast cancer as well as leukemia.


The drug compound that is getting invested by hundreds of researchers is an inhibitor of the enzyme NMT. NMT enzyme is targeted by the researchers because its expression is highly increased in the case of cancer cells. The researchers in the respective study has studied the investigational compound in more than 300 cell lines and they reported that the drug was able to inhibit the growth of the cancer cells in case of lymphoma, myeloma as well as leukemia when compared with other cancers. NMT enzyme in the humans plays a vital role in the cellular process as well as cell signaling system.


As per the researchers who are inclined towards the research study have witnessed that their investigational drug i.e. PCLX-001 can act as a potent inhibitor for the B cell receptor signalling, which is also very important in avoiding PCD. According to the researchers, their investigational compound could be used to reduce the levels of Src-family tyrosine kinases (SFKs) and downstream BCR signaling proteins. The investigational drug tested by the researchers in the mouse models suffering from lymphoma led to the reduction in the size of the tumor as well as complete remission of the cancer cells when given high dose. As per the researchers who have been conducting clinical research study, their investigational drug will provide tons of hope to the cancer patients across the globe.

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