Novel Technology to get Prominent Fame in the Overall Therapeutics Industry

Release Date: 11-Nov-2020

A group of researchers are focused towards delivering the desired drugs through the way of gastrointestinal tract which is considered to be a formidable challenge as the lining of the gastrointestinal tract is covered with mucosa which acts as a conveyor belt leading towards shedding of cells in different parts. Therefore, now the researchers are inclined towards using a patch for controlled release on the outside of the body which is based on the technology on parasite hookworms. The grippers developed by the researchers have claws and the claws developed are estimated to release significant force and attach. The desired drug is loaded on the patch and further it diffuses inside the body.


The designed theragrippers developed by the researchers can be taken orally or through enema. In the respective clinical trial, the researchers are using temperature-responsive trigger. The temperature-responsive trigger when enters the body is estimated to get equilibrated with the temperature of the body. Some of the other mechanisms through which they can get triggered are pH or biomolecules.


The overall manufacturing process of the theragrippers will use microchip industry so that they can be made on silicon wafer substrates. The process through which they can be made is called as photolithography. Photolithography is considered as a workhorse in micro fabrication. The primary aim of the researchers is also to make it cost-effective so that it could be used by millions of patients.

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