Novel Research Study Inclined towards Ending SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

Release Date: 06-Dec-2020

Since the pandemic, thousands of researchers across the globe are focused towards finding an efficient therapy for Covid-19. A novel study focused towards Covid-19 states that synthetic nanobodies or sybodies could play very important role in neutralizing the virus by binding to its receptor-binding domain (RBD) on the spike protein. Although several precautionary measurements have been done to cut the growing chain of the virus, but after all, it is difficult to control the spread of the virus. The main reason behind such failure rate is its ability to get transmit at a very high rate and absence of herd immunity in the population.


Therefore, to end the pandemic researchers are completely focused on developing a novel candidate i.e. monoclonal antibody that could work against the full prefusion spike protein present on the virus. The group of researchers involved in the respective clinical trial are using nanobodies that possess Ig heavy chains. The developed antibodies by the researchers are witnessed to be potential, small in size, and cheap when compared with the other traditional antibodies available in the market.


The researchers that are involved in the clinical research study have conducted different studies in order to test the efficacy of the developed antibody against Covid-19. Some of the characteristic studies involve: Synbody generation and characterization, simultaneous binding of sybody pairs to RBD, neutralization of SARS-Covid-19, bispecific antibodies development and several other binding studies. The current clinical trial getting conducted for the Covid-19 will soon get develop as a robust platform to generate highly potent biomolecules against the spread of the virus. The constant working on such potent clinical trial is estimated to cause fast-track approval of the drug product for millions of patients.

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