Novel NRXN1 Therapeutic Target in ADC for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Release Date: 24-Nov-2020

A super novel study focuses on carrying a research with respect to the apoptosis assay of NRXN1-targeted antibody drug conjugate at IC50 dose with the help of growth inhibition curves. According to the researchers who are oriented towards the research study, they identified and reported transmembrane proteins that were specifically overexpressed in case of small cell lung cancer and whereas were absent in the normal cell. Soon, this became the major focus area of the researchers i.e. cell adhesion molecule neurexin-1.  The technique that was used to confirm the presence of the cell adhesion molecule neurexin-1 in the small cell lung cancer was cytometry.


For exaggerating the anti-tumor activity in the cell lines of small cell lung cancer, combination of primary anti-NRXN1 monoclonal antibody as well as secondary antibody drug conjugate was used. It was reported that the knockout of NRXNI in the cell lines of SHP77 resulted in no tumor activity of NRXN1 medicated antibody drug conjugate therapy. Therefore, it was concluded by the researchers that the targeting of NRXN1 could be observed as a novel therapeutic target for increasing the efficiency of antibody drug conjugate therapy for the treatment of the patients who are suffering from small cell lung cancer.

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