Novel Monoclonal Antibody Efficiency in Treating Multiple Myeloma

Release Date: 14-Nov-2020

A group of researchers are focusing the treatment of multiple myeloma as the cancer type has been one of the most prominent reasons for majority of cancer deaths. For the treatment of multiple myeloma, a novel therapeutic monoclonal antibody called as VIS832 is getting evaluated at pre-clinical level. The monoclonal antibody selected for the treatment of multiple myeloma is estimated to have differentiated CD138 target binding to BB4 that is anti-CD138 MoAb scaffold for indatuximab ravtansine (BT062).


It was witnessed that the monoclonal antibody which was getting evaluated in the respective clinical research study was able to enhance the overall CD138-binding avidity as well as improved potency to kill multiple myeloma cell lines, autologous multiple myeloma cells. All the above-mentioned outcomes received from the drug is estimated to be the result of antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity and phagocytosis mediated by Natural killer cells and macrophages. It was found that CD38-targeting daratumumab-resistant multiple myeloma cells were susceptible to the monoclonal antibody used in the respective clinical research study unlike the action of daratumumab which is believed to spare the natural killer cells.


When compared maximal cytolysis of VIS832 vs. daratumumab, higher CD138 vs. CD38 levels were found in the multiple myeloma cells. Also, the monoclonal antibody getting investigated in the respective clinical research study was witnessed to act synergistically with the other drugs lenalidomide or bortezomib to cause depletion of the multiple myeloma cells. In addition to this, the monoclonal antibody VIS832 at a very sub-optimal dose was found to be inhibiting disseminated MM1S tumors in vivo as monotherapy and also rapid eradication of multiple myeloma cells in all the model organisms who were receiving bortezomib. All together i.e. the clinical outcomes received in the respective clinical research supported the future clinical development of the monoclonal antibody alone as well as in combination as an efficient therapeutic treatment for multiple myeloma.

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