Novel Gene Therapy Market to Introduce Microneedle Market for Boosting the Treatment Effectiveness

Release Date: 16-Nov-2020

The novel gene therapy market is witnessed to be having great potential in the treatment of different diseases such as cancer, genetic defects and different immunological diseases. The main mechanism of action of the gene therapy is by delivering manipulated genes into the host cells for the generation of a strong immune response against the diseased cells. There are different types of delivery system for use in treating the patients such as local delivery of the genetic material or systemic delivery of the genetic material. An important application that is associated with systemic delivery is that there is a greater chance of unwanted tissue accumulation or of the genetic material becoming unstable.


Although there are several different advantages that are associated with it, but the delivery of the genetic material into the skin is still very challenging. An important approach for doing so should be delivery of the genes without developing any toxicity. To overcome such challenge, a group of researchers have developed microneedles that are made by biocompatible material mixed with nanoparticles containing therapeutic genes. The whole mixture conversion into a microneedle could be used as an application to make the genes penetrate the skin. The timings and the sustainability of the drug can be controlled externally.


According to the researchers working on the clinical research study, the development of the microneedles completely illustrates the potential for similar gene delivery systems that can be customized according to the therapeutic genes chosen. The completely novel technology developed by the researchers is bound to provide more effective methodology to treat diseases such as skin diseases and different types of cancers as well as skin related cosmetic requirements and muscular dystrophy. The novel development of the microneedle is also classified as of tremendous use in treating Covid-19. As per the research conducted, the gene delivery using microneedles is considered as a notable breakthrough for the gene therapy market and overall pharmaceutical market. The market no doubt has opened up hundreds of clinical applications for performing such tasks that are not easy for the researchers to perform before its arrival in the market.

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