Novel Emerging Microneedle Market for Painless Delivery of Drugs

Release Date: 16-Nov-2020

In the current pharmaceutical industry, microneedles have arrived as a tool for performing pain-free injections as well as blood testing in the patients. The microneedles made by the researchers are witnessed to prevent pain by preventing any contact with the nerve endings. The parameters of an efficient microneedle is 50 to 2,000 microns in length and one to 100 microns wide. The developed microneedle for preventing pan are observed to penetrate the dead skin i.e. the epidermis that consists of liquid known as interstitial fluid. But majority of them don’t reach the epidermis and thus barely touch any nerve endings. In the current pharmaceutical industry, several patch applications with respect to vaccines are already available and many are in the development phase for the treatment of the diseases such as cancer and diabetes.


The microneedles are more prone to deliver the drug efficiently at the site when compared with familiar transdermal patches for different diseases. The rapid advancement of the microneedles has led to the commercialization of rapid as well as painless draws of the blood. The local change in the pressure developed by the microneedles is estimated to be get widely accepted by the researchers and the patients. Other than this, the association of the microneedles with biosensors could lead to the measurement of the biological markers in case of diseases such as glucose, cholesterol and many more.


The small size of the microneedle i.e. bandage-sized patch is also getting highly accepted by the researchers and the patients. Several different companies are currently investing their time to develop more efficient microneedles that can also reduce the risk of transmitting the viruses that are blood borne as well as hazardous waste from the disposal of conventional needles. The overall market of painless prickers are estimated to be expanding at a rate that is massive.

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