Novel Cell Therapy Design to Improve the Persistence of the Cells inside the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient

Release Date: 18-Nov-2020

A group of researchers are focused in developing an efficient system that could make the cells act like drugs. It is witnessed that in the past few years cell therapy can be used as an efficient therapy for the diseases for which no treatment is available.  The researchers involved in the respective study are focused towards using multifunctional biomimetic hydrogel systems for the overall boosting of the immunomodulatory potential of mesenchymal stromal cells. All the clinical outcomes that have been received in the clinical research study are very encouraging and due to this the researchers are now more focused towards making the cell therapy as a multifunctional therapy against different diseases.


The primary aim of the researchers involved in the respective study is to evaluate the efficiency of the stem cells in the therapeutic action when mediated by various growth factors and cytokines. It has been witnessed in case of ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, that stem cells have a possible beneficial effect on the patients. Although the potential applications of stem cell therapy in case of different inflammatory disorders are very clear but limited disadvantages residing in the therapy with respect to rapid elimination of cells from the body has to be solved.


Therefore, to overcome such challenges, researchers focused their work towards incorporating other important elements such as biomaterials and microparticles that release interferon. This is estimated to make the stem cell activated in the body for longer period of time so that there is constant release of growth factors and cytokines for the treatment of various disorders. In addition to this, the addition of biomaterials and microparticles could lead to increased biosafety as well as persistence of the stem cells inside the body of the patients.

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