Novel CAR-T Cell Combination Regimen to Overcome Resistance Challenge for Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Release Date: 17-Nov-2020

CAR-T cell therapy is a novel treatment for different types of cancers. With its wide range of applications, the combination of the therapy has proven to improve the overall efficiency as well as resistance mechanisms that the patients may develop while getting treated for mantle cell lymphoma. According to the researchers who have invested thousands of scientific hours in the development of the therapy, cancer cells or antigen escape process occurs when any drug or combination of drug only targets CD19 with a small number of CD19-negative cells present. Not only, the resistance mechanism is overachieved in case of CAR-T cell therapy but it is also achieved in case of bispecific antibodies and PD-L1 blockade in lymphomas and solid tumors.


Therefore, it can be concluded that the challenge that is associated with the antigen escape is huge and researchers needs of overcome such challenges by conducting complex clinical research studies. The researchers involved in the respective study have found that by using some combination of drugs, resistance development could be prevented. It is analyzed in case of mantle cell lymphoma, the cells lose multiple differentiation antigens such as CD19, CD20, and CD22 because of antigen escape, and the cells that are antigen negative are not affected by the combination therapy. But the targeting of CD19 positive cells that surrounds CD19 negative cells, researchers have remained successful in leveraging a bystander effect to kill remaining antigen-negative cells and ultimately prevent large antigen escape. The researchers involved in the respective study are inclined towards using variety of drugs to incline the clinical research study towards success.

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