New Approach to Map Genetic Network by Using CRISPR Technology

Release Date: 29-Nov-2020

The novel CRISPR-Cas 9 technology has made possible to easily tweak out single gene to determine its effects on the cell or other gene. A group of researchers have developed a novel method to study the effect of multiple gene at a single time by profiling a cell, including human cells, and rapidly determine all the DNA sequences in the genome that regulate the expression of a specific gene. The novel research helps in tracking the cascade of genetic activity as well as to identify regulatory sequences that control disease and find new targets for the drug.


The new technique can be used to treat cancer while backtracking the genetic pathways to identify controllers of the disease. These controllers are easy way to target which can shut down the cancer cells. Since the arrival of CRISPR-Cas 9 technology it is now possible to determine the effect of single gene on the organism.


Further, addition of reporter gene which codes for green fluorescent protein to the promoter region which will initiate the expression of gene. To read the effect of every perturbations, researchers have developed CRISPR interference with barcoded expression reporter sequencing, or CiBER-seq. The novel technology employs deep sequencing to measure the activity of genes buy using high-throughput, long-read next generation sequencing technology to sequence and essentially count all the genes expressed in the pooled samples.

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