Netrin-G Blocking to Effectively Emerge as Novel Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Release Date: 15-Nov-2020

A group of researchers have discovered a novel protein that is estimated to be playing pivotal role in the development of the neurons in the brain as well as the development and growth of the pancreatic cancer cells. The protein discovered by the researchers is known as Netrin-G1 is witnessed to help the pancreatic cancer cells to survive by making them escape the immune response and deliver all the nutrients that were important for their survival. Therefore, it was concluded that the discovered protein by the researchers could be an efficient treatment for pancreatic cancer patients.


It was observed that several patients diagnosed with cancer expresses the respective protein in Cancer associated fibroblasts and the patients expressing the protein tend to live for shorter time period when compared with the patients who don’t express the protein. It was analyzed by the researchers that limiting the function provided by the respective protein could aid in the designing of novel cancer treatment to the patients who are in urgent need of an effective treatment.


The researchers will be aiming at designing the drugs that could block Netrin-G1 protein in case of pancreatic cancer cells. According to the researchers inclined towards the development of an efficient pancreatic cancer treatment, this respective research will be a turning point for all the cancer patients as it will supress the pancreatic cancer cells from growing uncontrollably. The future development of drug based on blocking the functions of the protein is believed to be providing ample amount of trends and opportunities to the researchers, patients and the investors.

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