Nanoparticle Delivery System Boosting the Treatment Efficacy in Melanoma Patients

Release Date: 26-Nov-2020

A novel study indicates towards development of a nanotechnology drug delivery system in order to enhance the treatment of the patients suffering from aggressive skin cancer melanoma. The nanoparticle developed by the researchers is a biocompatible as well as biodegradable polymer. The technology is estimated to pack together two drugs that belongs to different families such as BRAF and MEK inhibitors. The biggest reason for the conductance of such type of study is the development of resistance in the patients suffering from melanoma. According to the researchers working in the clinical trial study, the delivery of two or more targeted drugs through nanotechnology will cause more forceful attack on the cancer cells, thus preventing the cancer cells from developing resistance.


The drugs that were selected for the respective clinical trial study were Dabrafenib and Selumetinib. The primary aim of the researchers enrolled in the respective study was to test maximum effectiveness, minimal toxicity, and optimal synergistic activity of the drug when delivered through nanoparticles. Among all the steps that were important for the successful completion of the clinical research study, one important step was to use chemical modification for enabling bonding between the nanoparticle and the selected drugs. Once the drug reached the site of tumor, drugs got released from the nanoparticle for showing their action.


The whole clinical research study was tested in the mouse model and it was concluded that the whole treatment procedure was fascinating. The nanoparticle used in the respective clinical research study was able to release the drugs about 20 times greater than the drugs which were not conjugated with the nanoparticle. The overall therapeutic impact of the conjugated nanoparticle and drugs for the treatment of cancer led to more promising results in the overall cancer therapeutics world. As per the researchers involved in the respective clinical trial study, the novel platform developed by them could enable more efficient therapies.

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