Multi-Valent Targeting by CAR-T Cell Therapy Emerging as Novel Multiple Myeloma Treatment

Release Date: 19-Nov-2020

Global therapeutics industry has observed tons of successful technologies and techniques in the past few years and similar is in the case for treating relapsed multiple myeloma. The recent development in the mechanism of action of treating relapsed multiple myeloma has resulted in an increase overall survival rate. This is however achieved with the help of a very novel, promising approach that has recently joined the global pharmaceutical industry i.e. chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells therapy.


It has been observed that CAR-T cell therapy in case of treating myeloma targeting BCMA is prone to show expected response rate but the only limitation that is observed in the respective case is relapse of the cancer. It is due to the fact that myeloma cells lack sufficient BCMA surface expression, which is however leading to the relapse episodes in the patients as cancer cells are able to escape the immune system easily. Therefore, it has been concluded that it can be over-shadowed by simultaneous targeting another antigen present on the surface of the cells.


Therefore, the researchers are now targeting two different antigens i.e. BCMA and GPRC5D and developing the CAR-T cells that could target these two antigens simultaneously, so that patients could receive improved survival rates and short-term tumor reduction. As per the researchers involved in the respective clinical trial study, their multi-valent approach will be associated with more anti-tumor activity leading to decline in the overall cancer mortality rate across the globe.

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