Monoclonal Antibodies to Emerge as a Novel Treatment against Covid-19 Soon

Release Date: 14-Nov-2020

Covid-19 is an emerging pandemic at global level, therefore hundreds of bio-pharmaceutical companies at the current time are focusing towards conducting clinical researches including different therapies for the eradication of the virus from the body. Among all, two major bio-pharmaceutical companies that are focusing towards the treatment development for Covid-19 are: Eli Lilly and Regeneron. The clinical therapy that both the bio-pharmaceutical companies are testing is monoclonal antibody for the treatment of Covid-19.


The researchers from Eli Lilly are focused towards the development of monoclonal antibody for the treatment of the disease. After the successful conductance of the clinical research study, the researchers found that the therapy was able to eliminate the traces of the virus by day 11. A large group of patients enrolled in the respective clinical trial study had received positive results from the clinical research study. Although the study needs to get conducted on a larger group of people but the clinical research studies was promising enough to take the clinical research study further.


Also, research conducted by the researchers of Regeneron represented that the patients enrolled in the respective clinical trial had observed a a greater-than-10-fold reduction in viral load by day 5 when compared with the placebo group. The patients introduced with the antibody were benefitted from the clinical study. Also, the study treatment was able to reduce the medical visits related with Covid-19 in the patients when compared with the control group enrolled in the respective study. The promising results of the clinical trials achieved by both the companies have led to the submission of the treatment at the US FDA for getting approval.

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