KRAS Gene Mutation Targeted by Researchers for Wide Variety of Cancers

Release Date: 06-Nov-2020

KRAS is a gene that has now become the novel target for an experimental vaccine as it is the gene that is involved in the overall development and progression of different types of cancers such as lung cancer, bowel cancer and pancreatic cancer. It is now very well known that mutation of the KRAS gene leads to the development of cancer, therefore researchers are now targeting this respective gene for the identification of an efficient therapy. It has also been found that the mutated KRAS gene also leads to slow immune system regulation against the foreign particles, leading to a phase where a therapy or treatment is must.


A group of researchers developed a set of vaccine capable of generating an immune response in the patients against the most commonly found KRAS mutation. The developed set of vaccine contained one fragment of a protein produced by KRAS mutated one and other fragment consisted of antibody capable of delivering the vaccine to the target cell. The model organism that was used for the clinical research study was mice having lung cancer. It was found that 65% of the mice that were treated with the investigational vaccine were alive even after 75 days of the infusion when compared with the mice that were not given any vaccine


The vaccine was found to be effective in slowing down the growth rate of the cancer when taken as a preventive measure. The respective research with respect to the vaccine will be taken forward to evaluate the vaccine to much extent in the cancer patients so that more in-vitro manipulations could be done to develop a vaccine with fewer side effects. It is estimated that the future potential results of the same will produce healthy impact on the patients receiving the therapy.

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