John Hopkins University Researchers to Advance the Theragrippers Potential in Delivering Drug

Release Date: 11-Nov-2020

A group of researchers from John Hopkins University have designed and developed tiny as well as star-shaped device which is capable of latch into the mucosa present in the intestine for the release of the drugs. The source of inspiration for the researchers is a parasitic worm capable of digging its teeth into the intestine’s host. The researchers have developed GI parasiteandndash;inspired active mechanochemical therapeutic grippers or called as theragrippers that has the ability to live in the body for 24 hours. A sixfold increase in the elimination half-life was observed by using theragripper-mediated delivery of a model analgesic ketorolac tromethamine.


All the tests that have been conducted with respect to the same have provided evidences that change in the shape of the device and self-latching microdevices can efficiently enhance the drug delivery. It is observed that the heat sensitive parafinn wax with components made up of metal can potentially carry any drug and can cause a gradual delivery of the drug at the desired site as the normal construction of the GI tract muscles makes it difficult for the drug to stay in the intestine for longer period of time. Therefore, construction of small carriers capable of autonomously latching onto the intestine can help the drug to be inside the GI tract for desired period of time.


After the desired period of time, theragrippers can lose their hold and can get released from the GI tract via normal muscular function.   The introduction of small as well as dynamic microfabricated drug delivery device can be used to revolutionize the entire drug delivery market. The independent working of the theragrippers with respect to electrictity, wireless signals or any of the other external controls also makes the design of the theragrippers promising. The researchers working on the development of theragrippers have already fabricated the device with minimum 6,000 theragrippers per 3-inch silicon wafer.

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