Infused Vesicles to get Recognized as Novel Therapeutic Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis 02-Dec

Release Date: 16-Nov-2020

All the available therapies for multiple sclerosis are estimated to modulate the immune system so that the impact of multiple sclerosis on protective myelin sheaths around nerve cells could be protected, which is also one of the most important hallmarks of the auto-immune disease in the patients. A group of researchers from Thomas Jefferson University have found that there is a possible way through which immune system could be trained to tolerate self-antigens that trigger inflammatory responses in MS. For the clinical research study they isolated tiny sacs called extracellular vesicles from cells known as oligodendrocytes.


The sacs isolated by the researchers contains myelin antigens. The researchers involved in this respective clinical study are more focused towards identifying an alternative strategy in the form of therapy that could be efficient in targeting the disease in a more antigen specific way. The primary aim of the researchers is to identify the component of the myeline sheath that is triggering the immune system in case of multiple sclerosis patients. The team of the researchers inclined towards the research study are more focused towards showing oligodendrocytes produced extracellular vesicles that contained almost all the relevant myelin antigens.


The group of researchers focused towards the clinical research study tested the efficacy of the vesicles in three mouse models that represented chronic and relapsing-remitting disease. It was found that the treatment led to the down regulation of the infiltrating CD45+ and CD4+ T cells in the central nervous system. The vesicles that were infused into the mouse models were taken up by the WBCs which includes neutrophils and monocytes. All the monocytes that absorbed the infused vesicles led to the expression of anti-inflammatory molecules such as Interleukin -10 and PD-L1, which further led to the suppression of multiple sclerosis. It is believed that the approach that the researchers are undertaking is more advantageous over the other current therapies that are available in the market.

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