Immunotherapy Drugs Combination Holds Potential against Declining Lung Cancer Mortality Rate

Release Date: 08-Nov-2020

Lung cancer is one of the most diagnosed cancers across the globe. The overall mortality rate due to lung cancer is increasing at a very high rate, therefore, researchers across the globe are now inclining their focus towards delivering a novel and potential therapy for millions of lung cancer patients. To end the epidemic caused due to increasing lung cancer mortality rate, a group of researchers are inclined towards studying the effect of liposomes containing the classical cytotoxic drugs paclitaxel and doxorubicin (Lipo-Pacli/Dox), in a metastatic breast cancer model. The same drugs were also used to test its ability to revert the tolerogenic environment of metastatic lesions.


For the experiment purpose, Pacli/Dox combination was used to check the immunogenic cell death induction in vitro condition. Other than this, anti-tumor activity as well as safety of the combination was also tested in the mouse models having breast cancer. It was concluded that the combination was able to activate the immune system and control the progression state of pulmonary metastasis. Therefore, the clinical research study aimed towards the treatment of primary tumor and lung metastasis in breast cancer was successful, thus making the combination an immunologic modulator.

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