Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Combination to Control the Division of Cancer Cells in Bladder

Release Date: 24-Nov-2020

In the patients suffering from localized bladder cancer, immune checkpoint inhibitors in combination (tremelimumab (anti-CTLA-4) and durvalumab (anti-PD-1)) have shown better results as per the researchers who have conducted clinical research study for the same. In the clinical research study, 28 patients were received and 24 had completed bladder removal surgery. Whereas, 12 patients had tumors of large size. The pathologic complete response in the patients who had completed bladder removal surgery was 37.5% and the pathologic complete response rate in the patients with large sized tumors was observed to be 42%.


The clinical outcome of the respective study revealed that the combination of the drugs when introduced into the patients was safe and feasible when compared with other treatment facilities. All the results were encouraging, thus, giving hope to the researchers to take the study further into next stage. It has been made clear with the results of the clinical study, that immune checkpoint therapy for the cancer patients will completely transform the era of cancer therapeutics market. The combination in better terms is believed to deliver advantages that were not observed for any of the available commercial therapies.

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