Identification of Tumor Targeting Cells Done Correctly by Novel FucoID Approach

Release Date: 08-Nov-2020

Artificial cancer therapy for cancer patients. The extensive analysis of the immune system has led to a conclusion that the expanding rate of tumor-specific antigen reactive T cells are capable of delivering success to all the immunotherapies. There is a novel platform developed by the Scripps Researchers that aim at delivering personalized therapy to the patients that are believed to get hindered due to the complications observed in isolating immune cells in the patients.


The platform developed by the researchers allow them to detect and isolate important tumor-reactive immune cells in order to advance the overall personalized immunotherapy in the patients. In order to do so, researchers have developed a method called as FucoID, which is named after the enzyme fucosyltransferase found to be playing important role in tagging the immune cells so that they can get captured. The researchers loaded the enzyme on the dendritic cells, so that when the cells interact, the enzyme transfer the tag to the tumor fighting cells so scientists can detect them with a fluorescent probe and extract them from the sample.


The whole experiment when conducted in the mice models was able to identify tumor antigen-specific T cells,” including CD4+ and CD8+ T cells. All the above-mentioned cells are estimated to be important for the adoptive TIL transfer therapies. It is believed that the approach followed by the researchers in finding most prominent immune cells against tumor cells removed high-end significant barriers for the clinicians as well as the physicians. It is estimated from the outcomes received that the approach developed by the researchers have helped the cancer therapeutics and immunotherapy market to expand in the size and provide benefits to millions of patients. The researchers will be collaborating with the clinicians at the University of California for applying the approach as a prominent therapy in the market.

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