ICMR Researchers Identify BCG as a Protection Shield Over the Spread of Covid-19

Release Date: 06-Nov-2020

As per the research conducted for the ongoing pandemic due to Covid-19, Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine is estimated to provide primary protection against the Coronavirus in elderly people. After the clinical research study of BCG vaccination impact on the immune cells such as T cells, B cells and WBCs, it has been observed that the vaccine is associated with expanded innate and adaptive memory against the Covid-19 infection. It is estimated that BCG vaccine in the elderly people works by enhancing the heterologous immunity of the patients, thus giving a shield of protection to the patients who have higher chances of getting infected with the virus infection.


Almost 50 years ago, BCG vaccine was made compulsory to get injected into the new born babies as a protection against TB. Therefore, in order to control the pandemic and increasing prevalence rate due to it, researchers at ICMR found that BCG is carrying promising treatment approach by increasing the memory cell response in the patients as well as total production of antibody in the elderly population. In order to test this hypothesis, total of 86 individuals were enrolled, out of which 54 were already vaccinated with BCG and 32 were not vaccinated with BCG. The respective clinical research study outcome in the next few months is estimated to provide clarity for the benefits of the BCG vaccination over the Covid-19 impact. It is estimated that the positive outcome received from this respective study will provide huge relief to millions of patients who are living in fear of getting infected with the virus.

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