Glioblastoma to Receive Novel Personalized Cancer Vaccine

Release Date: 05-Nov-2020

Personalized cancer vaccine is one of the most discussed therapeutics at global level. Hundreds of bio-pharmaceutical companies are now inclined towards development of the personalized cancer vaccine as the mortality rate due to cancer is increased at a very high rate. With same intentions, AV-GBM -1 which is newly developed personalized cancer vaccine against glioblastoma is getting invested for the treatment of millions of glioblastoma patients.


As per the clinical research studies, it is witnessed that that investigational drug has shown promising effects i.e. PFS rate of 69% at 7 months, median PFS 10.0 months, overall survival rate at 12 months was 72%. The overall analysis of the investigational drug reported a total of 38% reduction in the risk of death of cancer patients, which is however very promising for a novel drug against one of the most aggressive type of brain cancer. It has been reported for glioblastoma that all the therapies available for cancer is linked with poor survival rate, therefore, it is important to improve the condition of the patients by developing novel drugs for the patients who haven’t respond to any of the therapies available.


AV-GMB-1 is an autologous dendritic cell which is expected to deliver potential outcomes for millions of glioblastoma patients at global level. The researchers working on this respective clinical trial used IL-4 and granulocyte -macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) in order to produce dendritic cells. (GM-CSF) was introduced into the patient at 500 mcg at the time of the injection on weeks 1, 2, 3, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24. As per the research conducted, some of the major aims of the researchers with respect to the treatment was to find out the feasibility of producing patient-specific vaccines, the safety of administering these vaccines, survival from the date of enrollment, PFS from date of enrollment, and survival from the date of diagnostic surgical resection.

Out of the 47 patients that were enrolled in the study, 2 received 7 doses, 39 received 8 doses, 5 received 6 doses, 5 received 3 doses and 3 received 2 doses. Also, the investigational vaccine was found to be well tolerated among the patients. Some of the minor side effects were observed at the site of injection. It is estimated that the vaccine after complete approval from the regulatory bodies will be able to provide excellent outcomes as the further clinical research trials are observed to deliver potential results in the favor of glioblastoma patients.

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