Different Targeted Therapies Evolving Faster than any other Traditional Therapy for Lung Cancer

Release Date: 22-Nov-2020

Lung cancer is one of the most frequent types of cancer diagnosed across the globe and subsequently MET inhibition for the lung cancer is among the latest forms of treatment found for it. The MET inhibition targeted treatment for the lung cancer involves selective tyrosine kinase inhibitors, nonselective TKIs (multitarget) and antibodies against MET or its ligand hepatocyte growth factor. In a clinical research study conducted for MET inhibitors in lung cancer patients, 46% of the enrolled patients observed overall response. Among all 5 patients having additional amplified MET gene received significant responses.


Another trial focused on similar pattern of clinical study presented that lung cancer patients who had MET gene amplification and who received Capmatinib which is an important selective MET inhibitor reported 29% overall response rate. Also, after the trial, the drug Capmatinib was approved by the FDA for the treatment of the patients suffering from metastatic non-small cell lung cancer having MET exon 14 mutation. Another drug that follows MET selection i.e. telisotuzumab was also observed to be well tolerated by the patients.


There has been a growing war against the treatment of the lung cancer in the world. For the treatment of lung cancer, researchers have come up with hundreds of different targeted therapies that have eventually led to a small decline in the number of lung cancer cases in the past few years. As discussed, some of the targeted therapies for lung cancer treatment involves the drugs such as MET inhibitors. But other than this, there are several numbers of targeted therapies that have performed well in the clinical research studies. Some of the therapies involve: RET kinase inhibitors, drugs that target EGFR mutated non-small cell lung cancer and epigenetic therapy. The overall performance of the different therapies in the clinical trials have led to the conclusion that the availability of different drugs under it in the market will completely revolutionize the entire lung cancer therapeutics market.

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