Cysteine Rich Protein Extracted from Beetroot to be Highly Beneficial for Treating Neurodegenerative and Auto-Immune Diseases

Release Date: 10-Nov-2020

Beetroot protein is now getting extracted by a group of researchers as it is estimated that it has the potential to treat number of diseases. The peptide extracted from the beetroot is estimated to inhibit a particular enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of messenger molecules in the body and it is observed that the extracted protein molecule could be used a candidate to treat neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases.


The protein is cysteine-rich and is categorized in the group of protease inhibitors. The protein that the extracted protein inhibits is prolyl oligopeptidase (POP), which is considered to be involved in the protein hormone breakdown and other inflammatory reactions. The researchers involved in this respective study are analysing large databases containing genetic information of plants and animals, to test the activity of the extracted proteins on GPCR and finally at pre-clinical levels. The concept if using beetroot protein for the treatment of number of diseases is estimated to be carrying potential in the future years.

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