CT-P59 to Recover Patients Suffering from Covid-19

Release Date: 13-Nov-2020

An antibody developed against Covid-19 by South Korean researchers at Celltrion Inc showed minimum 44% improvement in the overall recovery time. The antibody developed by the researchers is called as CT-P59 and the researchers working on this respective antibody are planning to seek approval by the regulatory bodies by the end of 2020 for patients suffering from Covid-19 in South Korea. In total 18 patients were enrolled in the clinical research study i.e. was the phase 1 of the trial. Out of 18 patients enrolled in the study, 15 participants received a mean recovery time of about 44% faster than the other 3 patients who were put in the placebo group. All the patients that were treated with the investigational antibody don’t require hospital service or any of the other viral therapies that are getting used for millions of patients. Other than this, no adverse effects have been observed in the patients injected with CT-P59, thus inclining the researchers towards fast-end approval for the benefit of the patients.

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