CPMV to get Corrected by Introducing Immunotherapy Treatment in Dogs and Mouse Model

Release Date: 27-Nov-2020

A very important member of the Comvirus is Cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV). A novel study indicates that the virus could be used to treat different types of cancer in the patients as the clinical research study conducted in different tumors isolated from mouse and dog have proved to be effective. According to the researchers inclined towards the study, oral cancer has become one of the most diagnosed cancer types across the globe and if remained untreated, the cancer could result in the killing of the patient. Also, the cancer is also associated with recurrence of the cancer even if treated with radiation therapy, therefore, it is highly important to find an effective and accurate treatment for the patients who have been infected with CPMV.


Immunotherapy for the cancer patients is estimated to be one of the most promising therapy as it leads to the recruitment of the immune cells for killing the cancer cells. Therefore, it is believed that immunotherapy treatment could also deliver promising results in the treatment of virus causing cancer. It was observed after conducting different clinical research studies that the tumor size got reduced after and the dogs were able to longer life than before. According to the researchers involved in the respective study, the introduction of immunotherapy in the treatment of virus cancer will be considered as a breakthrough eventually leading to saving millions of lives. The same treatment is also estimated to be effective in case of humans.

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