Covid-19 Symptoms Management by Investigational Drug Brilacidin

Release Date: 10-Nov-2020

There has been an arrival of novel investigational drug called as Brilacidin that is estimated to show positive impact against the symptoms of Covid-19 and it is also believed that the investigational drug is likely to work better when given with anti-viral drug called as remdesivir.


The investigational drug Brilacidin is observed to be considered as a potential drug which can be effectively used to end the pandemic that has been developed by the arrival of Coronavirus at global level. The developed drug is a synthetic, non-peptidic small molecule which is observed to kill the virus and reduce the chance of developing resistance in the patients. The drug is also prone to function as robust immunomodulatory capacity, in lessening inflammation as well as promotion of healing in the patients. In short, the introduction of the drug into the patient is estimated to be causing disruption of the integrity of the virus and complete blocking of the virus into the patient through any means.


It is also observed that the further use of the investigational drug with other important anti-virals could easily enhance the activity and result of the drug.  The analysis of the investigational drug with anti-viral drug called as remdesivir is also observed to reduce the total viral load by 99%, which is indicating the potential of the drug towards effective profiling when compared with all the drugs that are under investigation in different corners of the world.

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