Combinational Therapy to Overcome Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma Challenges at Global Level

Release Date: 21-Nov-2020

A novel study approaches the evaluation of Zolinza in combination with other drug i.e. Rapamune or Afinitor for the treatment of the patients suffering from relapsed Hodgkin Lymphoma. There was a clinical efficacy recorded in the patients who were treated with Zolinza in combination with drug i.e. Rapamune or Afinitor. The results observed after the clinical research study focused towards further evaluation of the trial as the observed results were fascinating. The partial response observed for the patients who were treated with Zolinza and Rapamune was 18.5 months, thus leading to the additional enrollment of the patients for further evaluation.


The respective clinical trial conducted by the researchers was a non-randomized, open label as well as dose-escalation study which included 40 patients suffering from refractory Hodgkin lymphoma. In 27% of the enrolled patients, complete response was observed after getting treated with Zolinza and Rapamune and 27% of the enrolled patients received complete response after getting treated with Zolinza and Afinitor. The objective response rate observed in the respective treatments were 55% and 33%.


More frequent responses were observed for the patients who were enrolled in the respective study, thus leading the researchers towards more progressive studies for the same. No patient enrolled in the respective clinical trial study received prior PD-1 inhibitors. The future plan of the researchers is to identify the efficacy of the decided combination with other drugs under immune checkpoint inhibitors. As per the researchers that are involved in the respective clinical trial, the outcome of the study will cause a complete transformation of the current cancer therapeutics market at global level.

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