Combination Drugs to Boost Clinical Outcomes for Advanced Kidney Cancer Treatment

Release Date: 23-Nov-2020

Combination of tyrosine kinase inhibitor drug with immunotherapy drug is estimated to increase the overall progression free survival as well as reduced death risk in the patients suffering from advanced kidney cancer. The patients enrolled in the respective clinical research study recorded higher response rate as well as quality of life that was superior. The combination of the drug that was selected for the clinical research study was nivolumab (OPDIVOandreg;) and cabozantinib (CABOMETYXandreg;). Significant improvements were observed in overall survival and response rate in the patients.


The outcome of the result obtained in the clinical trial were encouraging. All the results that were recorded were showing manageable toxicity and superior health-related quality-of-life. The drugs that were selected for the clinical research trial were PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor (nivolumab) and small-molecule inhibitor of tyrosine kinases including c-Met and VEGFR2 (cabozantinib). The combination of the drug was observed to show 40% less risk of death when compared with sunitinib. Also, the progression free survival that was observed in the patients receiving the combination was high.


The investigational combination of the drug used in the clinical research study was found to be well-tolerated in the patients. It is estimated that the complete evaluation of the drug combination in the studies will result in the development of an era for kidney cancer that is not observed for prolonged period of years. The drug combination is believed to improve the quality of the lives of the patients by providing a better cancer treatment option for millions of patients across the globe.


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