Colorectal Cancer Patients to Receive Potent PDE5 Inhibitors as an Effective Treatment

Release Date: 21-Nov-2020

Researchers are pointing towards the potential of expanding phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor drugs so that the efficacy of the treatment of the patients suffering from colorectal cancer could be enhanced. It is observed by the researchers that phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor drugs carry high ability to treat the patients suffering from colorectal cancer and further it could be enhanced by expanding it with other drugs. At clinical level, it has been seen that PDE5 inhibitors are able to slow down the tumor development in case of mouse models. It has been observed that the mortality rate of the colorectal cancer, the patients who used PDE5 inhibitors had mortality rate of 20.20 each 1000 person-year as well as the mortality rate of the patients who did not took PDE5 inhibitors was 37.7% each 1000 person per year.


Therefore, it was concluded that the patients who received PDE5 inhibitors were tend to live longer. It was found by the researchers that PDE5 inhibitors were having immunosuppressive effects on the patients. Although more study is required for the further evaluation of the clinical research study so that the exact underlying biological mechanisms could be explored. The further clinical research study for the same will also include female patients suffering from colorectal cancer, because it is analyzed that the female patients suffering from colorectal cancer may have better tolerance for PDE5 inhibitors. The researchers involved in the clinical research study are now focused to study the same drug impact on the organoids so that better biological mechanisms could be understood and evaluated for future colorectal patients. As per analysis it is estimated that the clinical outcome of the study will completely transform the current colorectal cancer therapeutics market to much extent.

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