Clinical Stage Data Presented by Kiadis Biotherapeutics for Lung Cancer

Release Date: 17-Nov-2020

Kiadis which is clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company recently announced its data for the K-NK cell therapy platform in case of life-threatening diseases. The researchers involved in the respective study were focused towards combining oncolytic virotherapy along with PM21-NK cell adoptive therapy for the patients suffering from lung cancer. As per research conducted, it is witnessed that oncolytic virus therapy has the efficiency to target cancer cells by not touching the healthy nearby cells whereas on the other side natural killer cells are included in the innate immune system of the body that have efficiency towards tumor cells as well as cells that have been infected with virus.


The clinical research study identified the combination of the above-two mentioned therapies for the enhancement of the capacity of the therapies to kill the cancer cells in both 2D and 3D tumor cell cultures. It was observed that in the respective 2D culture system, PM21-NK cells were more efficient in killing the A549 cells that have been badly infected with P/V CPI- virus. It also led to an increase in the overall rate of killing of the cancer cells when compared with cell targets that were not infected. Also, in the 3D culture, the introduction of PM21-NK cells to PIV5-P/V-infected led to the killing of not only the infected surface of the spheroid, but continued to the uninfected cells.

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