CDK7 Inhibitors to Play Promising Role in Controlling Uncontrollable Division of Cancer Cells

Release Date: 23-Nov-2020

Protein is estimated to control the growth, proliferation as well as function of the tumor cells. A novel study indicates that a protein called as Cyclin Dependent Kinase 7 could be of broader biomedical application as it is responsible for the transcription of the cells. CDK7 protein is responsible for accessing all the right instructions for the cell cycle process. Therefore, it is estimated that the above-mentioned protein could be exploited by the cancer cells to escape the immune system and perform uncontrolled cell divisions.


Some of the cancer types that are estimated to get fuelled by the CDK7 protein for uncontrolled cell division are triple-negative breast cancer and many more. The researchers are inclined towards finding the exact mechanism of action of the protein inside the human cells. Some of the techniques that were used for the clinical research study were basic biochemistry and next-generation genetic sequencing. The group of researchers were able to identify hundreds of specific proteins that CDK7 switches on or off. It was observed by the patients that the protein was performing an important role in several different stages of transcription such as transcriptional splicing. Also, the protein was able to play an important role in regulating other enzymes.


The clinical trial study for the evaluation of the protein in case of drug-resistant breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and many others are underway. It is estimated that the clinical outcome of the respective currently undergoing study will deliver potential results. According to the researcher, the protein inhibitor could be employed as a great therapeutic advantage in different types of cancers. The future developed drugs under similar category are believed to be less damaging when compare with other old and traditional cancer therapies

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