CARG-2020 Expected to Show Promising Results in Case of Ovarian Cancer

Release Date: 09-Nov-2020

A group of researchers from the C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development at the Wayne State University School of Medicine are developing CARG-2020 which is estimated to show potential result against ovarian cancer and other peritoneal tumors. As per the researchers who have conducted this experiment, CARG-2020 is estimated to prevent the chances of cancer recurrence in case of ovarian cancer has it has the ability to deliver broad spectrum immune response in the patients. It is estimated that the emergence of CARG-2020 in the cancer therapeutics sector will completely change the landscape for the researchers and potential investors.

The therapy is an oncolytic virus therapy which is made to deliver RNA expressing three immuno-modulators and thus inducing potent as well as durable response in the animal models suffering from colorectal and ovarian cancer. As per extensive research analysis, it is estimated that in the present era ovarian cancer is one of the most diagnosed cancer types. The patients suffering from ovarian cancer are also prone to receive cancer recurrence once they are done with the treatment as the patients are witnessed to develop resistance against the cancer therapies. To improve the overall condition of the patients suffering from ovarian cancer, researchers are aiming towards the development of novel CARG -2020.

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