CAR-T Cell Therapy with Radiation Therapy to Deliver Promising Results in Patients Suffering from Multiple Myeloma

Release Date: 17-Nov-2020

A novel study supported by the researchers from Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania indicates that patients suffering from multiple myeloma getting treated with radiation therapy will not have any measure impact on the CAR-T cell therapy. The researchers focused towards the clinical research study made the enrolled patients receive radiation therapy 34 days prior to the introduction of CAR-T cell therapy. It was found that the patients who received radiation therapy and afterwards CAR-T cell therapy turned out to be safe, thus leading the researchers towards supporting the further clinical research process.

It was concluded from the research that the radiation therapy was not able to induce any toxicity and functional impact on the efficacy of the CAR-T cells. In total 25 patients were enrolled in the clinical research study which was further divided into three different groups. One of the groups enrolled in the clinical research study received CAR T-cell manufacturing, but before infusion. Other group enrolled in the respective clinical research study received radiation within 1 year prior to CAR T-cell infusion and at last the third group enrolled in the study received no radiation within the year preceding CAR T-cell infusion.


It was found that 8 patients who received radiation therapy, 3 of the patients experienced neurotoxicity as well as the radiation therapy was not found to be associated with decline in the overall free survival of the patients. Thus, it is concluded that there was a potential relationship between radiation and CAR-T cell therapy. Further study of the respective clinical trial is estimated to deliver more optimized results for generating long-term efficacy of the novel CAR-T cell therapy.

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