CAR-T Cell Therapy and Oncolytic Virus Therapy to be Safe and Effective in the Solid Cancer Patients

Release Date: 19-Nov-2020

A group of researchers are inclined towards combining two different immunotherapies i.e. oncolytic virus and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy for the eradication of the solid cancer cells from the body of the patients. The researchers involved in the clinical research activity have engineered oncolytic virus to enter tumor cells and force their expression of CD19 protein on their cell surface. The primary aim of the researchers is to direct the CD19 directed CAR-T cells to eradicate cancer cells. The novel clinical research study will expand the overall market of the CAR-T cell therapy as well as oncolytic virus therapy for the patients who have been suffering from solid tumors for prolonged period of time. The combination of the therapies is estimated to get delivered as a powerful as well as promising approach for cancer patients.


The researchers involved in the study designed a virus that was able to enter the cancer cells and further can use the machinery to replicate in order to express truncated form of the CD19. The already developed OV19t was combined with CD19-CAR T cells and was studied in the mice model for therapeutic use. It was found that CD19y was expressed on the surface of the tumor cells, which led to the opening of hundreds of opportunistic windows for the researchers. The combination generated by the researchers was found to be powerful and promising. It was observed that the mice in which combination was tested led to the development of prolonged protective anti-tumor immunity.


According to the researchers involved in the study, it was the first study that indicated towards testing the safety of OV19t in patients with solid tumors. The future clinical research work will be concentrated towards testing the further efficacy of the combination, which is aligned to start in the year 2022. It is believed that the arrival of such therapy combination in the cancer therapeutics world will overcome all the limitations that are highly present in the current cancer therapeutics market at global level.

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