Cancer Treatment to get Adjoined with Novel Nanotechnology for Better Efficiency

Release Date: 01-Nov-2020

Nanotechnology in the present era is considered as a novel technology that could boost up the mechanism of action of any cancer therapy. In order to observe a decline in the overall mortality rate due to cancer, a group of researchers are developing an immunologic based treatment that will be using nanotechnology. The primary aim of the researchers working on the project is to program the immune cells of the patients against cancer cells. As all the available cancer therapies available for cancer patients are not able to develop desired response, therefore, the researchers are trying to link immunotherapy with nanotechnology.


The researchers working on the study will be using nanotechnology method in order to deliver plasmid DNA into the tumor cells. As per the research conducted, it is estimated that the outcome of this respective study will deliver a disruptive treatment that will make the immune system visible against the cancer cells. Some of the applications of using such methodology against the cancer cells are: it will provide much greater efficient, it will generate few side effects, it will provide improved overall patient outcomes and increased five-year survival rate.


The cancer type which will be used to study the respective strategy is pancreatic cancer as this cancer type is having no effective treatment and has very reduced life expectancy. Also, it is believed that the arrival of this treatment for pancreatic cancer will help targeting other types of cancer too. It is estimated that the respective study undertaken by the researchers will overcome all the challenges that were present in the cancer therapeutics market for long period of time. The emergence of such therapeutics will provide tremendous amount of advantage to the patients who are in urgent need of an effective therapy, increased patients life expectancy as well as the global healthcare system.

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