Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy to Boost Effectiveness for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Treatment

Release Date: 01-Nov-2020

A novel study indicates towards the development of a vaccine that is effective in treating the cancer that are hard to treat. The researchers involved in the study are focused towards combining applications of chemotherapy as well as immunotherapy for the treatment of the patients. As per the researchers, combination of both the therapies in the treatment of the cancer patients will generate better immune response. But certain limitations for immunotherapy in case of triple-negative breast cancer is believed to be the reason for the researchers to combine two different therapies for the treatment.


In an old study, researchers have found an implantable vaccine that is believed to show promising results in the mouse models. The developed vaccine by the researchers works by combining tumor-associated antigens that aims at boosting the immune response of the patient when given with an adjuvant. But in the respective clinical research study, the one limiting factor that was associated with the study was selection of tumor-associated antigens for the development of the cancer vaccines. Therefore, the respective clinical research study was focused towards using chemotherapy drugs that could further cause a burst of cancer cells and thus leading to the release of tumor-associated antigens from the tumor cells.


The researchers involved in the respective clinical trial study were inclined towards using the similar technique on mice model suffering from triple-negative breast cancer. They found that the whole procedure made the chemotherapy drugs penetrate the tumor cells more effectively. Finally, this procedure led to an increase in the death rate of cancer cells. By adding third component to the combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy led to more improved immune response. It was concluded that the addition of third component to the study further reduced the growth of cancer cells as well as increased the overall life span of the mice model. Some of the additional parameters that were observed by the researchers were lower tumor recurrence, slower tumor growth, and better survival rates. Now, the main aim of the researchers involved in the respective clinical trial study is to conduct same study with respect to other cancer types.

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