Aldehyde Dehydrogenase- as a Novel Target for Increasing the Efficacy of Cancer Treatment

Release Date: 01-Nov-2020

Patients across the globe have been waiting for long to appreciate the arrival of an effective therapy for cancer. But now, a group of researchers from Cancer Science Institute of Singapore have come up with an effective research that could lead to the arrival of an effective therapy for millions of cancer patients. The major focus of the researchers to cure cancer patients here is the genes called as driver genes. Researchers working on this respective study have been focused on identifying the genes that are involved in the cancer progression and development. Although some non-driver genes are also found to be responsible for the development of cancer but the role of driver genes in cancer development is found to be more dynamic when compared with non-driver genes.


Researchers have found aa gene that is actively present in the case of leukaemia. The product of the respective gene is observed to be aldehyde dehydrogenase. It has been observed that the product of the gene called as aldehyde dehydrogenase provides substantial amount of energy to the cancer cells for growth and proliferation. Also, it is responsible for the removal of the waste products developed by the cancer cells due to the consumption of the energy substrates, otherwise cancer cells would undergo self-destruction.


Therefore, it is estimated that the growth of the cancer cells can be halted by making the cancer cells deprived of the gene product called as aldehyde dehydrogenase. The researchers working on the research are currently understanding about the stage of the cancer which is mostly dependent on the gene product, in order to develop a therapy that could make the cancer cells deprived of the gene product when required. It is estimated that the arrival of such useful and innovative therapy could dominate the other cancer therapies available.

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