Blincyto Blinatumomab Sales Up 48% In 2023

Release Date: 29-Feb-2024

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Blincyto is a bispecific antibody marketed by Amgen for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The drug is a bispecific T-cell engager that binds CD19 on cancerous B cells and CD3 on T cells, acting as a bridge between the immune system, and diseased cells. Being the first commercially successful bispecific antibody in the global market for leukemia treatments, Blincyto’s innovative mechanism of action has been well-received by both patients and caregivers, which has been evident in its annual sales figures, which has been increasing every year.


Blincyto sales hit their highest values to date in 2023, owing to the fact that the product is currently available in over 55 countries worldwide. To increase Blincyto availability in various regions, Amgen has partnered with multiple companies to lead the drug's regional development and commercialization initiatives. For example, Amgen's partner BeiGene has been developing and commercializing Blincyto in China under a license arrangement.


According to Amgen, Blincyto sales in 2023 were US$ 861 million, up 48% from US$ 583 million in 2022. The US emerged as a prominent contributor to these sales values, generating US$ 566 million in 2023, compared to US$ 295 million gathered from the international market in 2023. In 2022, Blincyto sales in the US were US$ 336 million, while the rest of the world contributed US$ 247 million. This can be due to the fact that Blincyto was initially approved in the US, allowing it to build a patient base and demonstrate its promising actions in treating a cancer with unmet medical needs.


Currently, Amgen is carrying out a number of clinical trials assessing Blincyto in various hematological malignancies both as monotherapy and in conjunction with conventional anticancer therapies such as pembrolizumab and low-dose chemotherapy. These trials are anticipated to broaden the approval of Blincyto in the upcoming years, as well as the patient population that will be able to derive the greatest benefit from it.

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